For Charity

I missed posting last week for a very good reason.  Last Sunday I participated in a huge fundraiser for the police officer widows and children’s fund.   I was among numerous other insurance professionals running the event.

After a long day (5 am to 7 pm) we raised a significant amount of money.  The event was centered on a thirty plus mile bike run from one town center to another.  There was set up, food, music, and additional events going on at either location – all run by us.

Volunteer accepts canned food donation at food driveInsurance people at the door, accepting the cover charge, serving the food, ringing the cow bells for the riders, holding out the water, playing the music, collecting the trash, and waiting the tables.  Yes, that ‘us’.  Of course, behind the scenes – swapping business cards.

Most of us arrived a little after 5:30 am to start setting up.  First, there was very limited free parking; however, the state offices nearby allowed us to graciously park there for our shift.  If volunteers arrived after 10 am, there was no room left in that lot.  Therefore, volunteers were left to their own devices.  Which brings me to the entertainment portion of our morning.

The police department had hung signs on all the utility poles in the area.  You probably have seen them when the streets are blocked off due to paving, parades, events, or block yard sales.  The problem was our signs indicated the event was going to happen on Monday, not Sunday.

When the motorcycle officer arrived to start ticketing and towing people at 6 am, all of us groggy insurance people had not noticed the mistake – and neither did he.  After the four cars got towed away, angry people started showing up on the streets.

It was an agency CSR from one of the larger carrier’s captive agencies that noticed it first.  And, she doesn’t say sorry, but too bad.  Oh, no, she gets out her cell phone and starts putting all back the way it was – she calls the police dispatcher and makes them bring the motorcycle officer back.

These disgruntled victims of a bad sign were yelling about ‘suing’ everybody and we underwriters were ducking for cover.   But this CSR, she’s out in front negotiating a return of the cars, finding funds to put them up at a lot around the block, and calming the crowd (making put down the pitchforks and torches).

It was amazing.  That’s what we do, isn’t it?  That’s what our CSR’s and claims reps handle every day.  That’s what separates us from the appliance sales guy or the auto detailer sales guy.  It’s the compassion and the integrity to make it whole again.

So, big props to Candace, where ever you go every day.  I tip my hat with a big smile!

Volunteer for work?  Leave a comment or share the experience.

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