The Best Insurance for Holiday Travel

It’s about this time of year that I get two kind of travel calls.  First they are traveling to Canada and they need an id card.  That is easy.  The other, traveling to Mexico or overseas – does my policy cover me there?  Not exactly.

When it comes to ‘policy territory’ that only includes The United States of America, its territories or possessions; Puerto Rico; or Canada.  Therefore, if the insured is going to Ontario, Quebec, or into the mountains and forests of Alberta, British Columbia, or Manitoba any carrier can issue a Canadian identification card for your vehicle.

It works very similar to our own insurance identification cards.  That way if the insured is stopped, they can prove valid insurance.

However, if the insured is headed down into Mexico for the holidays – they will need to purchase Mexican Insurance.  Please understand, U.S. and Canadian auto insurance policies are not recognized in Mexico.

If the insured has an accident, the purchase of a Mexican Insurance policy will reduce the financial burden and jail time. Unfortunately, motor vehicles accidents in Mexico are equivalent to a felony charge in the United States.

Any insured or agent can buy Mexican Insurance right online before the trip.  In some cases, travel agencies will sell the insurance.  For instance, you can purchase it at your local AAA office with your travel trip-tik.  Policies are sold for daily, six month and annual terms.

Maybe the insured will take it easy and fly.  When they get there, remember, coverage is not extending outside those territories listed above.  It will not be the same as renting a car in the United States.  If they rent a vehicle, it’s best to purchase the insurance offered.  Mexico is not the only country that has a large issue with motor vehicle accidents.

Lastly, trip insurance – to cover any expenses in the event the trip gets cancelled and/or, the insured meets an unfortunate end.  This type of insurance can also extend for medical payments, get a drug refill, emergency cash, and legal assistance.   If they are driving, those may come in handy.

It used to be considered frivolous; however as volatile and our world has become, it may be worth the money.  There are plenty of websites that offer to quote and compare different carriers and rates.

All these options are there to keep the insured and their family safe and out of jail on their travels.  Best to consider each one before the trip – to insure they make it back safely.

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